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About Us

ICSME is a pioneer Middle Eastern company established in 2001. We have several offices in Dubai - UAE, Abu Dhabi – UAE and Riyadh – Saudi Arabia. ICSME takes pride in the detailed consideration of Clients’ visions and objectives, the quality of work that we complete, and the professional services we provide throughout the implementation and after. We specialize in IP infrastructure, collaboration, Audio Visual, and Low current security Solutions.

As we continue to grow more competitive in these fields, our teams continue to grow. Contact us today to talk about your company’s needs and find out how our proven solutions can help your business.

Our Vision

A pioneer Middle eastern company, with several office in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with detailed consideration of clients vision and objectives ICSME combined strategic thinking with massive experience in a diverse spectrum of technology, that helped us to poses the consolidated knowledge facilitating ICT solutions to serve our innovative initiatives and helping our clients to post their entire operations.

Our Mission

To combine the top-notch technologies, frameworks, and solutions to bridge IT and Business in a practical accelerated fashion.


ICSME - Video Video As A Service

Video-enable your organization in 5 minutes. Video conferencing as a service, or cloud video conferencing, is a service that lets you enjoy..

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ICSME - Collaboration Collaboration

Mobile collaboration system addresses the unmet needs of millions of physical workers worldwide. ICSME provides a mobile video..

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ICSME - Audio Visual Audio Visual

ICSME is a Premier Audio Visual Systems Integration provider specializing in the design, installation and support of multimedia ..

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ICSME - IP Infrastructure Ip Infrastructure

By connecting people, information, and devices securely, reliably, and seamlessly, ICSME borderless networks can help you in protect assets and mitigate risks..

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Contact us

ICSME phone+971 4454 2108

ICSME - Dubai

P.O.Box 345811, Dubai, UAE Telephone: +971 (4) 454 2108 Fax: +971 (4) 457 2983

ICSME - Abu Dhabi

P.O. Box 25403, Abu Dhabi, UAE Telephone: +971 (2) 643 8844 Fax: +971 (2) 643 8822

ICSME - Riyadh

P.O. Box 28487, Riyadh, KSA Telephone: +966 (11) 472 8886 Fax: +966 (11) 479 0503