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Create, Innovate, and Respond Faster

Now you can combine all forms of business communications into a single, unified solution to help your employees, customers, suppliers, and partners communicate with each other, quickly and easily, without obstacles.

Less Travel, More Productivity

By using its own TelePresence solutions, WebEx and standard audio-video conferencing, Cisco cut travel expenses by approximately US$400 million per year. Cisco also:

  • Shortened its average sales cycle by five days
  • Improved sales closure rates by two percent (valued at US$127 million)
  • Increased productivity for senior and executive management and other experts (valued at US$42 million)

Better Communication Improves Results

  • Organizations using unified communications clients saved an average of 32 minutes per day, per employee
  • The use of softphones saved an average of US$1,727 per month in cell phone and long distance charges
  • Those using integrated voice and Web conferencing reported a 30 percent reduction in conferencing expenses
  • Employees saved 43 minutes per day because of more efficient message management

In fact, roughly 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies now use Cisco Unified Communications to build competitive advantage.